Postdoctoral Position

Postdoctoral Positions in Hematopoiesis, Cancer Biology and Genome Science



Postdoctoral Research Associate positions are available in the laboratory of Emery Bresnick to develop innovative research on: (1) mechanisms that disrupt genome and epigenome function in stem and progenitor cells to create a predisposition for leukemia and how the predisposition state progresses to malignancy; (2) mechanisms governing the development and function of erythroid cells and using this system to discovery novel cellular regulatory mechanisms.  These studies encompass problems in cancer biology, hematology (hematopoiesis) and genome science. Postdoctoral trainees have opportunities to develop high-impact projects in this area and related areas, including at the hematology-immunology interface. Trainees will gain expertise in fellowship/grant writing and hone critical thinking and presentation skills to prepare for careers in academia, private sector or other venues.


The Bresnick group uses multidisciplinary approaches (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, gene editing, computational analysis, molecular, cellular, and biochemical technologies) and collaborates with other experts in these technologies. The studies utilize cultured mouse and human cells, human patient samples, and mice. The candidate will have ample opportunities to engage in collaborations with other leading groups at UW-Madison and elsewhere. The research is facilitated by the outstanding collaborative, highly interactive and respectful environment, state-of-the-art core facilities in the Carbone Cancer Center and multiple UW-Madison sites and the intellectually stimulating environment covering all scientific disciplines.



The candidate should be rigorously trained in molecular, cellular and/or genetic research and have strong interest and self-motivation to develop a career as an independent scientist. The candidates must have an PhD, have published rigorous research and be capable of critical thinking and interacting productively with diverse individuals. Only candidates with less than 3 years of prior postdoctoral training will be considered.


Interested candidates should send curriculum vitae, brief description of research accomplishments and interests and the names of three references to:


Contact information:

Emery H. Bresnick

Gary Felsenfeld Professor of Cell and Regenerative Biology

Director, Wisconsin Blood Cancer Research Institute

1111 Highland Avenue, 4009 WIMR

Madison, WI 53705