Waisman Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

The objective of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (CMN) sub-core is to support the research objectives and scientific progress of investigators both in-house and across campus. Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience provides services and specialized equipment to perform cellular and molecular neuroscience research on human and animal tissues. We provide experimental design consultation and training on our equipment. We focus on fluorescence quantitation and image analysis (Confocal and fluorescence/brightfield imaging, Stereology, high content fluorescent screening, multi-electrode array, phosphorimaging, and real time PCR).

Information about Axion Maestro Pro MEA (Multi-Electrode Array): https://www.waisman.wisc.edu/cellular-and-molecular-neuroscience/axion-maestro-pro-mea-multi-electrode-array/


Xinyu Zhao, PhD, Sub-Core Director

Karla M Knobel, PhD, Sub-Core Manager