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Center Updates

New tool predicts three-dimensional organization of human chromosomes

UW–Madison researchers have developed a computational tool that can accurately predict the three-dimensional interactions between regions of human chromosomes. The predictive tool is a boon for researchers studying how cells control the activity of genes.
Dec. 9, 2019

UW researchers use stem cells to develop vocal folds in a dish

New research by SCRMC faculty member Susan Thibeault published in Nature Communications removes one of the challenges that has delayed the development of new therapies for laryngeal disease: the lack of a reliable model researchers could use to study pathological changes in the human voice.
Oct. 4, 2019

Moving beyond hype: Could one-two treatment restore damaged heart muscle?

SCRMC Director Tim Kamp and SCRMC Cardiac Regeneration Research Group Chair Amish Raval are advancing a preclinical approach that uses extracellular matrix proteins in combination with iPS-derived cardiomyocytes to repair heart attack damage.
Sept. 27, 2019


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