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Stem cells could help cancer patients fight dangerous infections

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have developed a more efficient way to grow the white blood cells that serve as front-line defenders against bacterial infections but are often depleted as a potentially deadly side effect of cancer treatment.
Jan. 22, 2020

Flashing lights may provide vital first test of MS drug success

Measuring changes in the speed of electrical signals along nerves connecting the eyes to the brain may accurately reflect recovery from myelin loss in multiple sclerosis (MS), according to SCRMC faculty member Ian Duncan, and could be used to evaluate new treatments for the disease.
Dec. 16, 2019

New tool predicts three-dimensional organization of human chromosomes

UW–Madison researchers have developed a computational tool that can accurately predict the three-dimensional interactions between regions of human chromosomes. The predictive tool is a boon for researchers studying how cells control the activity of genes.
Dec. 9, 2019


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