Xinyu Zhao and Ei Terasawa at Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium

Membership Information

Faculty and Staff Membership

Faculty members, along with academic staff members will be expected to participate actively in the mission of the SCRMC contributing to the various committees, journal clubs, seminars, and teaching forums. Membership will be granted to those faculty and academic staff who clearly demonstrate scholarly expertise in areas relevant to stem cells and regenerative medicine as well as a willingness to contribute to the center’s mission.

Basic membership in the center will provide the member with regular communications from the SCRMC regarding ongoing events, research opportunities, intramural grants as available, access to sponsored symposia and poster events.

Members will also be listed on the SCRMC website with relevant information. Membership will be reviewed every three years for renewal based on participation in SCRMC activities and mission.

Trainee opportunities

For undergraduate students

The Student Society for Stem Cell Research (SSSCR)

For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Wisconsin Stem Cell Roundtable (WiSCR)

To apply, send materials to:

Hollie Thompson
5036 WIMR 1111 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 263-2982

Electronic submissions preferred.


Please DOWNLOAD the application first, saving it to your computer, and then fill it out. Save it again and then email it to Hollie Thompson.