Fueling hope for Rett Syndrome

SCRMC faculty member Qiang Chang is working to help people who have Rett Syndrome, a non-inherited brain disorder that causes severe impairments, typically in young girls. Chang was interviewed by Madison’s NBC15 on Feb. 16.

New awards support innovative approaches

Two SCRMC faculty members have projects funded through the New Investigator Program. Alexey Glukhov, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Medicine and Darcie Moore, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Neuroscience, each receive $100,000 over two years …

A decade after stem cell feat, research ramps up

“People who want a cure for X, Y and Z disease are going to be disappointed with the 10 years of progress,” said Dr. Tim Kamp, a UW-Madison cardiologist and co-director of the university’s Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center. “But from a realistic standpoint, I think things have progressed fairly well.”