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Small Molecule Screening & Synthesis Services

Stem cells provide an excellent system for drug discovery on human cells and on cells with specific disease phenotypes. Experienced staff scientists assist in assay development, validation and implementation for high throughput screening of chemical or human RNAi libraries using liquid handling robotics. Scientists from each lab are encouraged to work closely with the staff scientists on all aspects of the high throughput screens. In addition, staff scientists can provide biological profiling assays on small in-house libraries of known drugs such as the NIH Clinical Collection and the Prestwick Library. Synthetic medicinal chemistry, lead optimization, and molecular modeling are also available.  SMSSF services are available for drug discovery in all therapeutic areas.

SMSSF provides access to instrumentation and data analysis for High Throughput Screening (HTS) of cellular and biochemical assays. High-throughput screening or HTS technologies include robotic liquid handling and assay detection in 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well plates and implementation of screens of over 500,000 small molecule, drug-like chemicals or 18,000 human siRNAs. Experienced staff is available to assist in assay development, assay validation, assay implementation, data analysis and chemical informatics.

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