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Career Enhancement Opportunity Exploration (CEO) Program

The mission of the Career Enhancement Opportunity Exploration (CEO) Program is to support mentored career exploration by providing internship opportunities for UW-Madison’s top PhD students in stem cell and regenerative medicine fields. Students: Start now by enrolling in Biomedical Engineering 601 (BME 601), offered in the Spring semester each year.

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    CEO Class photo

    Ten students enrolled in the Spring 2016 course, the first offered through the SCRMC’s Career Enhancement Opportunity Program, or CEO Program for short. Pictured at the Discovery Building April 19, 2016, back row, from the left are: Scotty Cadet, Maunie Hayat, Alireza Aghayeemeibody, Dalton Hess, Timothy Abbott. Front, from the left are: Nyna Choi, Natalie Patzlaff, Brett Napiwocki, Katherine Jeffris, Steve Wang, Ashley Schwarzenstein, and CEO professors and SCRMC members Bill Murphy and Kris Saha. “All 10 students were on track for internships in 2016,” said Murphy. “It’s all happening as we envisioned, through the SCRMC and our Education Committee partnering with industry, law firms, WARF and others. All lectures are on video and we are also interested in a multi-university course effort for expanding workforce development.”