Post-doctoral Scholar Genetics of Metabolism, Department of Biochemistry

The Attie Lab is looking for a post-doctoral scholar who will help us to harvest the genetic clues from our genetic screen. The scholar will be able to identify novel genes and pathways and develop a research program that shows how these genes and pathways modulate diet responsiveness.

Project Details: The response to diet is highly variable across individuals. We have on ongoing genetic screen to discover the genetic drivers of metabolic flux in response to diet. We have placed genetically diverse outbred mice on two extreme diets (low-fat/high-carb and high-fat/low-carb). In collaboration with Richard Kibbey’s lab at Yale, we are using stable isotope tracers to measure metabolic flux through multiple pathways. Using quantitative genetics, we are mapping metabolic flux to DNA markers in the genome to discover the genetic drivers of metabolic flux. This work will help to understand the genetic basis for differences in response to particular diets and hopefully will identify molecular markers that predict diet outcome, a step towards customized nutrition.

Start Date: 2022


Alan D. Attie, Ph.D.
Jack Gorski Professor of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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