Eric G. Schmuck, PHD

Position title: Senior Scientist, Cardiovascular Medicine


Phone: 608-263-9449

Organ System/Disease Focus:
Cardiovascular disease
Aligned Research Focus:
Cardio-regenerative medicine, Biomaterials, Stem Cell Tracking, Translational research models, Cardiac fibroblast biology


Research Description:

Dr. Schmuck is a senior scientist and Director of Translational Research for the Dr. Amish Raval Laboratory. His research centers around novel therapies for cardiac regeneration. Specifically, a novel biomaterials generated in their lab that have been shown to improve cardiac function alone or in combination with therapeutic stem cells. This innovative material is a cell derived extracellular matrix that is self-adherent to the heart, bioactive and bio-absorbable. In addition, our laboratory focuses on cardiac fibroblasts biology, translational animal models of cardiovascular disease and stem cell tracking.

Selected References: