Eric G. Schmuck, PHD

Position title: Associate Scientist, Medicine


Phone: 608-263-9449

Organ System/Disease Focus:
Cardiovascular disease
Aligned Research Focus:
Cardio-regenerative medicine; Biomaterials; Stem cell tracking; Translational research studies
Eric Schmuck headshot


Research Description:

Dr. Schmuck is an Associate Scientist and Director of Translational Research for the Dr. Amish Raval Laboratory. His research centers around novel therapies for cardiac regeneration. They are studying novel biomaterials generated in their lab that have been shown to improve cardiac function alone or in combination with therapeutic stem cells. This innovative material is a cell derived extracellular matrix that is self-adherent to the heart, bioactive and bio-absorbable. In addition, our laboratory also focuses on translational animal models of cardiovascular disease and stem cell tracking.

Selected References:
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