Jon S. Odorico, MD

Position title: Professor, Surgery


Phone: 608-263-0388


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Research Description:

Our lab studies pancreatic lineage differentiation, including the differentiation of insulin-producing islet endocrine cells, from human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The work is designed to address two critical needs. First is the need to generate an unlimited supply of functional insulin-secreting beta cells to be used to replace damaged beta cells in patients with diabetes. Second is the need for a cell culture model to study, specifically, human pancreas and islet development, given known differences in pancreas and islet organ formation between humans and lower organisms and the inability to study human organ development in vivo. We have devised and refined methods for differentiating cells to islet-like clusters that express genes and proteins typical of islet beta cells and secrete insulin.

Current work in the lab focuses on identifying key beta cell genes that correlate with functional maturity (robust insulin secretion) in vitro. Because cells accelerate maturation after transplantation into mice, and ECM in stem cell-derived islets is dysmorphic, we are also testing the impact of human pancreatic ECM hydrogel on the differentiation and function of stem cell-derived islets and using this natural ECM hydrogel as a basis for creating islet organoids. By incorporating vascular components and other supportive cells into these organoids, we propose to test whether these additional cellular and matrix components improve transplantation success.  As we have access to human donor pancreases that we can use for research, we have formed collaborations with Dr. Lingjun Li’s lab and Dr. Dawn Davis’s lab for comprehensive mass spectrometry-based multiomics and proteomics analysis of the normal proteome, peptidome, matrisome and post-translational modifications of normal, T1D and T2D pancreata. This work had resulted in numerous recent publications (See below).

Another aspect of our current work involves using genome editing (e.g. CRISPR/Cas editing) to modify hESCs in order to render them hypoimmunogenic. The clinical relevance of this work is to be able to transplant cells to replace insulin secretion in diabetic patients and also avoid the need for systemic immunosuppression to prevent rejection and autoimmune diabetes recurrence.  Fourteen different cell lines harboring various combinations of up to four different modifications were made by our collaborators at MSKCC (Dr. Huangfu lab). We have validated the lack of expression of HLA proteins and the overexpression of key transgenes inducibly expressed during the differentiation period and are testing the immunogenicity of the islet-like clusters generated from them using in vitro assays in collaboration with the Gumperz lab and in humanized mice in collaboration with the Brown lab and the Humanized mouse Core here at UW.

My colleague Dr. Sara Sackett and I are developing a novel, humanizable, immunodeficient mouse model of diabetes that is associated with improved characteristics compared to more commonly used streptozotocin based diabetes models.

Additionally, our Human Islet Core regularly isolates islets from human deceased donor pancreases for research.

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