Darcie L. Moore, PHD

Position title: Assistant Professor, Neuroscience

Email: darcie.moore@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-265-7836

Organ System/Disease Focus:
Brain, Aging
Aligned Research Focus:
Aligned Research Focus: Mammalian neural stem cell biology, aging
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More information:
Research Description:

Stem cell compartments undergo dysfunction with age, ultimately contributing to greater organismal aging. Understanding how and why these stem cells age is a main focus of our lab. Young mammalian neural stem cells can segregate specific cargoes during mitosis between daughter cells resulting in an asymmetric inheritance of potential “aging factors,” with downstream functional consequences for each daughter. In neural stem cells from old animals, this segregation becomes more symmetric. We are investigating the mechanisms that create and maintain this segregation, and identifying what changes with age. Additionally, we are interested in discovering what cargoes are segregated and the cost of this segregation.

Selected References:
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