Shaoqin 'Sarah' Gong, PhD

Position title: Vilas Distinguished Professor and Advancing Vision Science Chair Professor


Phone: 608-890-3463

Organ System/Disease Focus:
brain diseases, eye diseases, vascular diseases, and also cancers as well as antimicrobial applications
Aligned Research Focus:
Nanobiomaterials, nanomedicine, drug delivery, tissue engineering, biosensors
Shaoqin Gong headshot


More information:
Research Description:

Our research focuses on the design, synthesis/fabrication, and characterization of novel biomaterials, particularly nanobiomaterials, for various biomedical applications including drug delivery, tissue engineering scaffolding materials, and biosensors.

We are developing various types of multifunctional nanoplatforms (e.g., unimolecular micelles, polymer micelles and vesicles, and functionalized inorganic nanoparticles) in order to deliver therapeutic drugs and imaging contrast agents more specifically to the targeted/diseased tissues (e.g., cancers and vascular diseases), thereby greatly enhancing the efficacy of both diagnosis and therapy. We are also developing biodegradable hydrogels and polymeric particles for tissue engineering scaffolding applications. In addition, we have developed a number of biosensors exhibiting high sensitivity and specificity using functionalized nanoparticles such as graphene, gold, and mesoporous silica.

Selected References:
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