Marina Emborg, MD, PhD

Position title: Professor, Medical Physics


Phone: 608-262-9714

Organ System/Disease Focus:
Neurodegenerative disorders, Parkinson’s disease
Aligned Research Focus:
Nonhuman primate models, neuroprotection, stem cells, dopaminergic neurons, drug delivery


News Releases:
More information:

Dr. Emborg is also a Senior Scientist, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center and Director, Preclinical Parkinson’s Research Program —WNPRC

Research Description:

My lab focuses on understanding the physiopathology of, and developing treatments for neurological disorders, in particular Parkinson’s disease. We are working toward developing better animal models of neurodegenerative disorders and therapeutic delivery systems, as well as identifying therapeutic targets that can affect disease development. We evaluate cell-based therapy approaches using stem cells, embryonic, progenitors and iPS. in the nonhuman primate brain. Ex vivo and in vivo approaches are used to deliver therapeutic molecules in the brain such as glial derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) on existing dopaminergic neurons in the brains of parkinsonian animal models. As a lab focused in clinical translation, the ethical considerations of what is needed to bring a therapy to the patients guide our research.

Selected References:
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