Matthew E. Brown, PhD

Position title: Assistant Professor, Surgery/Transplant


Phone: 608-263-1727

Organ System/Disease Focus
Cardiovascular System, Transplantation, Cancer
Aligned Research Focus
Human and Non-human Primate Transplantation Immunology/Stem Cell Biology
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More Information:

Brown Lab website

Research Description:

The Brown Lab focuses on exploring the nexus of pluripotent stem cell biology and immunology. We are currently investigating the mechanisms underpinning the immune response to autologous and allogeneic pluripotent stem cell (PSC)-derived cell therapies. Using transplantation immunology and genomics-based strategies, in conjunction with humanized mouse models, our goals are to 1) improve traditional organ transplantation outcomes, 2) gain new insights into PSC biology and immunology, and 3) enable curative regenerative medicine therapies.

Selected References:
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