Undergraduate Certificate of Excellence in Stem Cell Sciences

The Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center (SCRMC) is offering a “Certificate of Excellence in Stem Cell Sciences” to be awarded immediately after graduation to undergraduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence by meeting the following criteria:

  • One semester of Cell & Regenerative Biology (CRB) 625 (previously 675):  Special Topics in Stem Cell Seminar (meets Tuesdays, 12 noon, usually in Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery) –go to course descriptions.
  • Successful completion of at least three additional approved courses including at least one ethics course discussing aspects of stem cell research, and at least two courses with a component on Stem Cell Science – see list of course descriptions – with a minimum 3.0 or B in each of these 3 courses. Additional courses in ethics and stem cell science may be eligible for approval by petition – contact Hollie Thompson at hjthomps@medicine.wisc.edu.
  • Two semesters of independent research with a SCRMC faculty member, including a presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium or an Abstract presentation at a scholarly meeting.


Undergraduates may apply to this program any time prior to their last semester of their Senior year. Complete Application Now

Final Checklist

The Final checklist is to be submitted to Hollie Thompson at hjthomps@medicine.wisc.edu two weeks prior to graduation: Link to Final Checklist

Upon graduation, you will receive a Certificate attesting to your satisfactory completion of the requirements. This will not appear on your final transcript; however, you may wish to include the Certificate in your academic dossier.