Kristyn S. Masters, PHD

Position title: Professor. Biomedical Engineering


Phone: 608-265-4052

Organ System/Disease Focus:
Cardiovascular development and disease.
Aligned Research Focus:
Heart Valve Tissue Engineering and Angiogenesis.
Kristyn Masters headshot


More information:
Research Description:

Dr. Masters performs research in the area of biomaterials and tissue engineering, with a specific focus on using tissue engineering approaches to: 1) better understand the etiology of cardiovascular diseases such as aortic valve calcification, and 2) characterize the role of the cellular microenvironment in guiding cellular decision-making, with specific applications in dermal wound healing, angiogenesis, age-related macular degeneration, and cancer. Through these investigations, we hope to discover new targets for therapeutic intervention, as well as develop personalized medicine approaches by identifying types of patients would be most likely to benefit from a specific therapy.

Selected References:
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