William J. Burlingham, PHD

Position title: Professor, Surgery/Transplant

Email: burlingham@surgery.wisc.edu

Phone: 608-263-0119

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My research concerns natural and acquired immune tolerance to self and allo[non-self] tissue, the latter differing in histocompatibility antigens, kidney , lung , heart and liver transplantation, and the breaking of tolerance to self in the course of remodeling the matrix of the graft. My stem cell interest lies in the creation of in vivo models of the human adaptive immune system using CD34+ HSCs and fetal thymus/liver transplantation into the severely immunodeficient SCID/NOD/common gamma chain”null” mouse. We have now established that this model provides more than a “furry test tube” but a realistic model to test out stem cell and stell cell –derived tissue transplantation in the context of a competent human adaptive immune system.

Selected References:
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  • Burlingham, W.J. A lesson in tolerance–maternal instruction to fetal cells. N Engl J Med. 2009 Mar 26;360(13):1355-7.
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