Undergraduate Certificate of Excellence in Stem Cell Sciences

UW-Madison Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center

Certificate of Excellence in Stem Cell Sciences

The Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center (SCRMC) is offering a “Certificate of Excellence in Stem Cell Sciences” to be awarded immediately after graduation to undergraduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence by meeting the following criteria:

  • One semester of Anatomy 675:  Special Topics in Stem Cell Seminar (meets Tuesdays, 12 noon, Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery) –go to course descriptions.
  • Successful completion of at least three additional approved courses including at least one ethics course discussing aspects of stem cell research, and at least two courses with a component on Stem Cell Science – see list of course descriptions – with a minimum 3.0 or B in each of these 3 courses. Additional courses in ethics and stem cell science may be eligible for approval by petition – contact Sue Gilbert at sggilber@wisc.edu.
  • Two semesters of independent research with a SCRMC faculty member, including a presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium or an Abstract presentation at a scholarly meeting.


Undergraduates may apply to this program any time prior to their last semester of their Senior year – (Application [word .docx])

Final Checklist

The Final checklist is to be submitted to Sue Gilbert sggilber@wisc.edu two weeks prior to graduation – (Final Checklist [word .docx])

Upon graduation, you will receive a Certificate attesting to your satisfactory completion of the requirements. This will not appear on your final transcript; however, you may wish to include the Certificate in your academic dossier.