The Neural Regeneration Focus group brings together researchers interested in understanding the mechanisms of neural development, modeling neural disorders and harnessing the potential of neural regeneration.  The group promotes communication within the group and identifies areas of collaboration. The Neuroregeneration SFG strives to include researchers in diverse disciplines and welcomes investigators working in areas outside of neural development and regeneration.


The overall goal of the Neural Regeneration Focus Group is to bring together researchers with similar interests from across campus to improve communication, collaboration, resource sharing, fund raising and other activities within neural development, neural function and neural regeneration.

Group News

8th February 2017
Wednesday Nite at the Lab, Wednesday, February 08, 2017, with SCRMC member David Gamm. Video: Making Sense of Stem Cells: Progress toward the Treatment of Blinding Disorders
19th January 2017
A recent study from Waisman Center researcher and SCRMC member Xinyu Zhao’s lab shows how a gene called MBD1 plays an important role in maintaining the identity of neural stem cells and...

Group Leader

Anita Bhattacharyya

Members: Neural Regeneration