Heart and vascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the world.  Stem cells are an exciting and potential revolutionary approach to drug development and therapy.  Further understanding of stem cell behavior, characterization, manipulation, expansion and therapeutic delivery is required.


To create a forum that fosters inter-disciplinary collaborations toward bench to bedside translation of stem cell technologies for heart and vascular disease management.

Group Activities

On Friday, November 8, 2013, trainees from some of the labs of the group got together to network and share posters. Photos of the meeting can be found here.

Group News

7th June 2017
A project entitled “‘Cardioimmunotherapy’ – A Paradigm Shifting Concept: Engineering Cardio-Reparative Macrophages by Cardiac Specific Exosomes" led by Co-Principal...
14th April 2017
“Patients living with heart failure experience a variety of negative symptoms that can greatly impact their day-to-day life,” said UW Health cardiologist and SCRMC member  Dr. Amish...

Group Leader

Amish N. Raval

Members: Cardiovascular Regeneration