Stem Cells In The News

8th January 2015
University of Wisconsin researchers are laying the groundwork to make it possible to "print" new transplant-ready organs, grown from cells cultured from a patient's blood sample. This project, which...
21st December 2014
Drugs that seem safe in animal studies are sometimes found to be harmful in humans. The health effects of many chemicals on the market — in products such as cosmetics, food additives and...

Stem Cells in the Media

31st October 2014
A field long on promise and short on healing was energized on Oct. 15, 2014, when The Lancet reported on the transplant of retinal cells into 18 people who were blind because cells had died in the...
19th September 2014
Listen to the latest in stem cell and regenerative medicine research at UW-Madison as presented by six SCRMC faculty: Tim Kamp, Sean Palecek, Bill Murphy, Jamie Thomson, Sam Gubbels and Amish Raval.